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Catfish! This winter we added 24 catfish to one of our three 250 gallon fish tanks. We are excited to add them to our existing stock of goldfish and Koi. Having protein fish in the system helps us add some diversity in species as well as the potential of harvesting the fish for food.
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Building out the Seeding Room I April we started refurbishing the seeding room. With help from volunteer Austin, we covered all of the surfaces with washable finishes and then installed new lighting and shelving so we can begin production of microgreens. This will greatly increase our income potential.
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Creating Integrated Farming This Spring we started our integrated farming measures. bringing vermiculture (worms), composting and integrative pest management using ladybugs, lacewings and other predator species. This integrative approach diversifies the nutrients and controls pests through natural means.
Kids from Children’s Day School GUF hosted two field trips from the Childrens Day School of San Francisco In February and March. These groups of fifth and sixth graders are studying alternative agriculture and came with a lot of great questions about urban farminng, vertical farming and aquaponics! They hope to take part of what they learned to construct their own garden.